“Empowering the Youth for Building a Strong India”



Integrated Youth Development . Skill Development (Arts & Crafts)
Drinking water & Sanitation . Gender in Development
Entrepreneurship Development . Tribal Development
Social Security


Tribal Development

Wayanad being a District with more than 17% tribal population, Jeeven Jyothi is focusing its activities on tribal development by organizing tribal groups covering Paniya, Kattiunaika and Kuruma communities. Our tribal development programmes include organizing SHGs beside ST meetings, awareness programmes and networking with Panchayaths. We have also provided skill trainings to the tribal youth and children since 2020. During the reporting period we have supported different artisans (145) from tribal community and promoted their skill and marketability of arts and crafts.

Natural Resource Management

The existence of human beings largely depends on the good environment around us. The relationship of man and nature are twinned as they complement each other for future and existence. During the reporting period Jeevan Jyothi could conduct 20 environment awareness programmes in collaboration with the Panchayaths and NGOs covering a total of 1450 persons. We are also planning to take up more NRM programmes including watershed development, solar energy, vermi composting and waste management. So also health and hygiene is given a special thrust from last year as water and sanitation projects are initiated by us.

Gender in Development

The right realization and recognition of role of men and women in the development of any community is important. Understanding this fact Jeevan Jyothi promotes various activities for the promotion of gender equity. During this reporting period we have conducted 88 workshops on women and child rights for promoting gender equity covering a total of 1285 members.

Child Development

Children are the future citizens of our country if we are able to guide and support them in time there is no doubt that they will become great assets. We could conduct many child development programmes especially focusing on children parliament besides conducting special programmes for children’s day (November 14) during the reporting period.

Linkage and Collaboration

As mentioned earlier development is not a single handed affair. We need to network with families, groups, NGOs, PRIs, Govt. for making sustainable changes in the society. Realizing this fact Jeevan Jyothi has developed linkages and collaboration with many agencies especially with different PRIs, NABARD, KUDUMBASREE, EN OORU, KRWSA and other NGOs. This has immensely helped us to widen our spectrum of work and delivering services to the needy in time.


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About US

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A Little Intro

Jeevan Jyothi is an NGO registered under the Societies ‘Registration Act 1860 in the year 2011 (Regn. No 148/2011) working for the integrated development of the youth all over India. The organization focuses on promoting patriotism, enhancing social commitment besides promoting moral values among the youth. The office is located at Kalpetta, the cultural capital or Wayanad which is one of backward Districts of Kerala and India. It is a professionally managed NGO where the skills of youth are enhanced through different types of HR and EDP trainings so that they become an asset to the family, society and Nation at large.


Creation of a just and vibrant society based on human values of love, equity and peace


To be a committed social organization focusing on youth ensuring social justice, good governance and gender equity.

P.M. Pathrose                                                        
Executive Director

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A Little Intro